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The next challenge is a though one. Four unplayable cards want to find their slot in any deck. Make them playable with another new card design!

This contest is actually the next level of ¨Design your synergy¨contest. Synergies are usually the reason why a suboptimal card becomes playable. So you have to think about a new different card that would combine with any of these ones and make them more playable! (IT IS NOT A REWORDING).

Targaryen: Vaes Tolorro

A bad card. It is almost impossible to hit a character with power. Are you able to think about a new card that would make this more playable?

The Night’s Watch: Journey to Oldtown

This is a really cool effect I’ve always thought deserves more attention from design point of view. I’m really sure you will be able to come out with something interesting.

Greyjoy: Ten Towers Galley

How would you make this card a thing? We all agree it is annoying for rivals to get 2 or more of these in the early game, but very underwhelming in any other situation.

Wildlings: Mance Rayder

I really like this one. I’d say the King-Beyond-The-Wall is in reality the only Wildling that does not make the cut of Wildling decks. Which card you are able to think about to make him to worth it for Free Folk decks?


  • Deadline September 27th.
  • The card can’t be a plot.
  • The card must be of the same house of that it pretends to combine with.
  • ONLY 1 card per participant. For the same email, only the last card will be chosen. You can send several ones if you want to modify your design.

Design points:

These contests are expected to be part of a coming feature that will reward participation in this community design process with points or coins that you will be able to exchange for several advantages in future contests. Just be sure to use an existing email. In the next weeks every participant (voter, designer or judge) will be contacted via email to send their rewards (the rewarded quantity is still undefined but will be the same for all participants depending on their activity).

All desginers will be rewarded with a default amount of these points.


  • The winner card will be fully implemented on
  • The winner card will have a full review in this blog.
  • The winner card will be valid in future fanmade events with fanmade cards organized by this blog
  • Your designer ego will be incremented +10

People’s Jury

You can be chosen to act as a judge in a pre-selection phase to decide the 10 finalist cards. Judges will be selected randomly among subscribers. The judges cards cannot participate in the contest. They will be rewarded with more points when the feature is finally implemented. On the other hand, it is a different role available for those who think they have good criteria to rate but not to design.