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Kaworu was the winner of the ‘Design your synergy’ contest. Within this post we do a review of his card which is already available to play with in

To use this card in «Kedry’s Link»

Thematic design

This design is completely synergy focused. For this reason is not the most thematic card in the world. Even so, it is easy to imagine the attachment represents how Maester Kedry helps to his allies every time a shocking ‘event’ happens. His advices aid (stand) the last fellow involved in any kind of conflict or activity (kneeling character) to overcome any new circumstance (event).

It is oddly enough that while it wasn’t the main intention I find it to fit with the lore pretty well so I rate it a 7/10.

Functional design

It is normal for this design to be a functional one as that was the purpose of the contest. Kaworu thoughts were about Maester Kedry to be able to reduce up to 2 events with this attachment.

The final design is not exactly as the first winning version for a very simple reason: the need to keep track of the last kneeling character. While it sounds like a simple requirement, actually the game can easily become a mess if we don’t do it properly (what was the last character you knelt like 3 minute ago? which one of the last 3 characters you knelt for your int challenge is considered to be the last one?).

While the effect is quite innovative and fun it is not suitable for face-to-face games. This is a very good example about how digital card games offer an enormous playability options range as this is an effect that is easily managed via platforms like The Iron Throne. There, you will automatically have the attachment on the last knelt character while in a real world game you would need to keep moving the attachment.

Apart of its implementation issues, the effect is a really good idea which makes the timing even more important for both players. Its mechanic is auto-balanced also, as usually it is not that easy to decide the kneeling order, specially if we are second players. However I think the need to have Maesters in play decrease a lot the card versatility, making it only an option for The Conclave decks.

The face-to-face implementation problem is a huge error from my perspective so I rate the functional design a 5/10.


The best example of how a good and innovative idea should be carefully though under the game premises. And also a good demonstration of the Throneteki possibilities that actually make this card to shine in terms of dynamism and playability (as you can check in

A really original mechanic that would drive the game to another decision layer. Congrats Kaworu!