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Blackwater's Flank Maneuver

Tyrell. Leal.
Event. Coste 4.
Tactical Maneuver
(Inauguro un nuevo tipo de rasgo para eventos: Tactical maneuver. Molaría crear personajes que interactuaran con el rasgo, principalmente Randyll Tarly, Tywin y Robb).
Challenges Action: remove each character from the game util the beggining of the next phase.

Forced Reaction: After Blackwater’s Flank Maneuver is placed in a discard pile, remove it from the game.

Flavor text: It takes more than a pretty cloak to charge a shield wall. I was leading Mace Tyrell’s van when you were still sucking on your mother’s teat, Guyard.[11]

—Randyll, to Guyard Morrigen.