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The international community is now welcome to El Trono de Cartas to participate in the design contests. This time we propose a funny (and hopefully not easy) exercise about synergies: one of the most dangerous fields in the designer path. Be brave and try to find a good and attractive combination, but be careful also or you will scare the community with your ideas.

From my perspective, synergies are the core of every card game. Without them, games would only be a bunch of isolated effects over a basic set of rules, which is good, but not enough to enjoy and explore all the possibilities a game like this can offer.

Synergies are just effects which require two or more cards combination. Usually each of those cards are medium-low quality ones by themselves, so gathering the other pieces is like the extra cost of the final desired effect. While this is a basic concept for all of us, giving shape to this usually hides several challenges from the designer point of view.

We have enjoyed and suffered several of these combinations during all this time: Flea Bottom + recursive 3-cost characters, Itsvan + Vince, Raider + Pinch… But also synergies are a foundation of several houses based on put several pieces together like Stark or Night’s Watch. Last but not least, synergies are the center piece of combo or passive/autistic decks usually driven by Tyrell or Martell that leverage their powerful draw engines.

Design your in-house synergy

This contest will be the first part of a series of synergy contests. This first challenge will be the simplest one but not the easiest.

Each participant should design a card which combines with another existing one in the current official cardpool (excluding The Things I Do For Love pack). The chosen cards will be exposed to the community judgement in an anonymous way.


  • Deadline: Wednesday, August 12
  • The card must be Targaryen, Night’s Watch, Martell, Greyjoy or Free Folk.
  • Free Folk cards must interact somehow with the wildling trait.
  • The card can’t be a plot.
  • The card will be considered as loyal.
  • ONLY 1 card per participant. For the same email, only the last card will be chosen. You can send several ones if you want to modify your design.
  • You must specify which existing card your card is expected to combine with. The card MUST be of the same house as your design. This won’t be revealed at voting time, it will be used to challenge voters.


  • You can choose any card in the pool to base your design on, but take into account obvious or overpowered choices will be punished by voters.
  • Think about ‘bin’ cards that could get improved with the proper synergy!


These contests are expected to be part of a coming feature that will reward participation in this community design process with points or coins (Lloripuntos) that you will be able to exchange for several advantages in future contests. Just be sure to use an existing email. In the next weeks every participant (voter, designer or judge) will be contacted via email to send their rewards (the rewarded quantity is still undefined but will be the same for all participants depending on their activity).

All desginers will be rewarded with a default amount of Lloripuntos.


  • The winner card will be fully implemented on
  • The winner card will have a full review in this blog.
  • The winner card will be valid in future fanmade events with fanmade cards organized by this blog
  • Your designer ego will be incremented +10

People’s Jury

You can be chosen to act as a judge in a pre-selection phase to decide the 10 finalist cards. Judges will be selected randomly among subscribers. The judges cards cannot participate in the contest. They will be rewarded with more Lloripuntos when the feature is finally implemented. On the other hand, it is a different role available for those who think they have good criteria to rate but not to design.

Design form

This will be using at voting time.